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Map questing

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Forza 6 will let you use GPS data to map courses, eh?

So it looks like I'm going to have a fun birthday next month.. If you need this 172/105 mile mountain course in your Forza 6 asap, send brz, gps.


Serious. I play navigator, give you the course, keep track of all the data thingies. Two hours of data acquisiton and back at the start. Number crunching and now you can enjoy WNC without so much NCHP.

Else you're gonna be running the course with the dynamics of a clapped out 90 Jetta at sub-ludicrous speed.


I hope they get that right. I want to develop this as its own real-ish course. Easy to document.. start car, leaving driveway, turn right, turn right again, , turn left. Begin. Just ran it this morning and yes, it is.

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