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It lives again

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It was a weird, unexplainable series of days in the transition between a repaired Jetta and one I could drive away from the Mechanics.


First off, dropping off the car, a flashlight exploded.

Upon returning, nothing exploded, but the exhaust fell off.

The idle was for crap. The O2 and Idle valve power cords had been swapped.

New o2 sensor on the way, with different type connector to avoid this in the future.


(Ford 302 o2 sensor. Much cheaper but same function. Marketing physics)

It needed it anyway. 52,000 miles minimum. Yeah.

Anyway, it was a crazy set of days, but somehow it still works. 204,000 and 23 years of use.


Well, 10 in my care. Looked up the Mk2 today, same frigging price. as 10 years ago.

I'm just putting gas and repair in. value stable. Unless another police cruiser rams me like the last time.

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